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Korbuild Ltd is one of a select few contractors who are IFCC accredited (IFC Certification Ltd) and certified installers of a number of products within the construction industry.

IFCC is a UKAS accredited and internationally recognised provider of high-quality customer focused independent third-party certification. IFCC is also a Notified Certification Body for certificating products for CE Marking under the Construction Products Directive.

IFCC provides client focused independent Third-Party Certification of fire protection products. To be effective in preventing or controlling the spread of fire and smoke, or for protection of structural elements from the effects of fire, these products need to be installed correctly within their approved field of application. Failure to do so can compromise fire performance with severe consequences for property, life safety and commercial risk. 

Korbuild can demonstrate that it is proficient in its field with strong product knowledge and an understanding of regulations and of the importance of the correct installation of life safety systems. IFCC initially assesses the company by auditing its office-based activities and conducting an inspection of the site where fire protection is being installed. Operatives and supervisors of Korbuild are assessed for their product knowledge and competence in installing fire protection and will only install certificated or tested and approved products within their approved field of application. On completion Korbuild issues a Certificate of Conformity for the contract showing details of the fire protection installed. Supervisors and installers involved in the installation of fire protection materials are competency assessed and those individuals are listed in the IFCC online Register at The Register provides the supply chain with information about an individual and their assessed scope. 

Korbuild use a robust quality sign off system called fieldview for photo and written evidence of all work activities and manufacturers carry out an on-site quality tool box talks before the start of any product installation. This, along with IFCC periodic site visits, gives the client the comfort that all products are installed correctly, quality checked, audited and signed off to the highest standard. 

Korbuild are currently qualified in the third party fire accreditation installers scheme for: 

  • Structural steel fire protection; board systems
  • Service penetration and linear gap seals
  • Cavity barriers
  • Stud partitions 

Korbuild comply with the ongoing IFCC process of formally competency assessing onsite operatives and ensuring their demonstrable commitment to the continued professional development of its employees and sub-contractors by ensuring sufficient levels of knowledgeable, trained and experienced operatives, including a minimum of one competency assessed installer and one competency assessed supervisor are available at every site. 

Korbuild will provide their client with a detailed and comprehensive O&M Manual upon completion of the contract. We will complete and retain quality control and assurance records which will be available for their client on request and included as part of the O&M Manual upon completion of the contract. These actions are reviewed by IFCC as part of each site visit and as part of our company’s annual office audit. 

All IFCC schemes are accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and meet the requirements of an increasing number of jurisdictions that recognise or require the benefits provided by Third Party Installer Certification which Korbuild are proud to be accredited to.