Korbuild host the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

Last week, Korbuild had the honour of hosting Justin and Dale from Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity as part of their #makeitvisible campaign. This campaign aims to shed light on the significance of addressing mental, physical, and financial well-being in the industry, ensuring that no worker faces a crisis alone.

Justin and Dale both shared the remarkable opportunities and support provided by the Lighthouse construction charity. From well-being initiatives to financial and physical assistance, the range of support is extensive. Annually, this charity aids thousands of construction workers and their immediate families, a cause that Korbuild takes immense pride in sponsoring.

The support is accessible online, through text services, and over the phone, ensuring accessibility for all. Witnessing the team’s engagement and receiving the positive feedback following the event was truly gratifying. We appreciate this opportunity and eagerly anticipate hosting another event to promote the available support to a wider audience.

About the Author: Korbuild Admin

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